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Change the file storage location for your Workshare account

If you're an administrator for your account, you can choose where the data in your account will be stored by default

  1. Log in to Workshare, click your name and select Admin Console.

  2. Select the Data Management tab.

  3. Ensure Storage is selected in the left menu.

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The default location is indicated by the blue “Default” button. For each Workshare location, the number of users currently assigned to that location is shown as well as the amount of storage space used.

  1. Select Set as default for the location you would like to use as the default. This means any new users on your account will be assigned to this storage location by default. If you have an Integration Edition account, you can select different storage locations for individual users from the User Management tab. The storage location of any existing users will remain as the previous default location.
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  1. Click Apply to confirm the change. Data that has already been stored will remain in the previous location. Existing data is not migrated across to the new location

​The location specified in the Data Management tab is the default storage location for your account. You can select multiple data storage locations for your account by selecting locations on a per user basis.




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