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Log a case

Learn how to log a case using the Support Portal.

  1. Go to the Support Portal at https://wsportal.force.com/help/s/login/
This image shows the "Sign in with Workshare" button that is displayed when you visit the Workshare Support Portal. Beneath the button it says, "Don't have access? Register here!"
  1. If you've logged in before, click Sign in with Workshare. If this is your first time using the Support Portal, register for access here: http://go.workshare.com/support-self-service-request.html 
Note: When you register, our Customer Support team will contact you to grant you access to the portal. If you need to raise your case immediately, you can email support@workshare.com (in your email, include the steps to reproduce the issue, what you expected to see and what you saw instead). Alternatively, you can get in touch by phone.
  1. In the portal, select the My Account tab.
  2. Click Cases.
This image shows the "My Account" tab selected and "Cases" highlighted.
  1. Click Log a Case.
User-added image
  1. Complete the fields as follows:
StatusThis indicates the current status of the case. Leave the status as Open.
SubjectSummarize the issue in a few words or a sentence.
DescriptionProvide a description of your issue. If possible, include:
  • The steps to reproduce the issue
  • What you expected to see
  • What you saw instead
Including more detail will help the Customer Support team resolve your issue faster.
ProductSelect your product from the drop-down list.
VersionSelect your version number from the drop-down list. The available version numbers will change according to which product you've selected. For more information, see: What version do I have?
AreaThe area of the product where your issue is occurring. The available areas will change according to which product version you've selected.
Sub-areaThe sub-area of the product where your issue is occurring. The available sub-areas will change according to which area you've selected.
  1. If you have an attachment that you'd like to include, click Add Attachment and select the file.
  2. Click Submit. Your case is created and Support is notified.




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