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Pay an invoice

Learn how to pay an outstanding invoice of a Workshare purchase.

When you have an outstanding invoice, you can pay it via the Support Portal.
  1. Go to the Support Portal at https://wsportal.force.com/help/s/login/
This image shows the "Sign in with Workshare" button that is displayed when you visit the Workshare Support Portal. Underneath the button it says, "Don't have access? Register here!"
  1. If you've logged in before, click Sign in with Workshare. If this is your first time using the Support Portal, register for access here: http://go.workshare.com/support-self-service-request.html
  2. In the portal, select My Account tab.
  3. Click Invoices.
This image shows the "My Account" tab selected and "Invoices" highlighted.
Invoices that have not been paid display this symbol in the Balance Outstanding column: This is a triangle with an exclamation mark in it.
  1. Location the invoice that has not been paid and click the invoice number in the Number column. Your invoice is displayed.
This image shows an invoice number highlighted.
  1. Click Pay Invoice.
This image shows the invoice page with the "Pay Invoice" button highlighted.
You are redirected to a page confirming the balance to be paid.
  1. Review Workshare's Terms & Conditions and select Please check this box to agree to Workshare's Terms & Conditions of the payment. When you do, your default card details are displayed.
User-added image
  1. Select an existing card from the drop-down list. Alternatively, click New payment method and enter the details for your new card.
  2. Click Pay Now. Your payment is processed and a confirmation page is displayed. 




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