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Renew a subscription to Workshare

When you've purchased a Workshare subscription online, you can renew it by following these steps. The license entitlement on your computer will be updated automatically.


  1. Sign in to the Support Portal and go to My Account > Subscriptions.
  2. Click the subscription number, then click Renew.
  3. Add the number of users.
  4. Click Checkout and pay.
Note: It's only possible to renew subscriptions via the Support Portal when the subscription was originally purchased online. To renew a subscription that was originally purchased through our Sales team, contact Workshare Sales.

Steps with pictures

Note: If this is your first time using the Support Portal, register for access and get a login before following these steps.
  1. Go to the Support Portal and click Sign in with Workshare.
This image shows the "Sign in with Workshare" button that is displayed when you visit the Workshare Support Portal. Underneath the button, it says, "Don't have access? Register here!"
  1. Select the My Account tab, then click Subscriptions.
This image shows the "My Account" tab selected and "Subscriptions" highlighted.
  1. Locate the subscription you'd like to renew, and click its identification number in the Number column.
This image shows a subscription's number highlighted.
  1. Click Renew.
This image shows "Renew" highlighted.
  1. Select the number of users for which you'd like to renew. The + and - buttons are used to increase and decrease the number of users by 1. Alternatively, you can type a number directly into the Users field.
This image shows "1000" typed into the "Users" field.
  1. Confirm that the subscription will be renewed for the dates you want. 
This image shows the "Renew" dialog with the dates of the renewal highlighted.
  1. Click Add. The renewal for the subscription is added to your Shopping Cart and a confirmation message is displayed.
This image shows the "Renew" dialog with the confirmation message highlighted. The message says, "Confirm. Item(s) added to your Shopping Cart."
  1. If you're done shopping, click Checkout. You'll be redirected to your Shopping Cart where you can review and pay for your order. If you'd like to continue shopping, close the Renew dialog. You can go to your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the Shopping Cart tab.
  2. From the Shopping Cart, review the details of your order as well as your personal details and billing address. 
  3. Select Please check this box to agree to Workshare's Terms & Conditions of the sale. The Payment Details area is displayed.
  4. Select an existing card. Alternatively, click New payment method and enter the card details for your new card.
  5. Click Pay Now. Your payment is processed and a confirmation page is displayed. A purchase confirmation email is sent to the email address provided in the Personal Details area. 

What happens next

Using your product

The license entitlement on your computer is updated automatically, so you can keep using Workshare now.

If it seems as though your license hasn't updated automatically (for example, you're receiving renewal notifications), you can update it manually by following these steps: Refresh your Workshare 9.5 license

Seeing your subscription and invoice

You can see your updated subscription in the Support Portal, under the Subscription Product & Charges section. To find out more, read this article: See your Workshare subscriptions

To download a copy of your invoice from the Support Portal, follow the steps in this article: Download an invoice




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