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See your Workshare subscriptions

Learn how to see what current and past subscriptions you have with Workshare.

You can see your current and past subscriptions to Workshare in the Support Portal.
  1. Go to the Support Portal at https://wsportal.force.com/help/s/login/
This image shows the "Sign in with Workshare" button that's displayed when you go to the Workshare Support Portal. Beneath the button it says, "Don't have access? Register here!"
  1. If you've logged in before, click Sign in with Workshare. If this is your first time using the Support Portal, register for access here: http://go.workshare.com/support-self-service-request.html
  1. In the portal, select the My Account tab.
  1. Click Subscriptions.
This image shows the "My Account" tab selected and "Subscriptions" highlighted.

All of your Workshare subscriptions are listed here. The Status column indicates the state of the subscription. The possible statuses are as follows:
Your subscription is valid because the expiry date has not been reached. 
Your subscription is no longer valid because the expiry date has been reached.
The subscription has been refunded to you.
Your subscription is temporarily invalid. This may occur for if, for example, your invoice has not been paid.
  1. To view the details of a subscription, click its identification number in the Number column. 
This image shows a subscription's number highlighted.
This is an image of an arrow to indicate that the next image follows the action of the previous image.
This is an image of a subscription's details. It includes information such as the subscription's name, status, start and end date, billing email, price and more. At the bottom is a list of charges associated with this subscription, such as additional seats.




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