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Welcome to the new Transact interface

Find out about the new Transact and how we've made it easier and faster to navigate.

Latest update:  17 September 2019

Workshare Transact has been entirely rebuilt to provide a brand new user interface. It was released to all Transact users on 30 April 2019 and is accessible at my.workshare.com/transact.


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About the new interface

The new interface is fast, intuitive and beautifully designed.

It provides a first-rate user experience that matches the best consumer web applications on the market, and puts Workshare Transact in an excellent position to deliver great new functionality for years to come.

At first the functionality in the new interface will be very close to the original Transact (you can read about what’s new below). From May 2019, new functionality will be built only within the new interface. From 17 September 2019, the old interface will be permanently switched off and only the new interface will be available.

What’s new?

Generally speaking, the functionality of the new interface closely matches the original one, but there are some brilliant improvements immediately available in the new interface:
  • A dashboard helps participants quickly understand what’s going on in the deal.
  • The “collapsed” checklist view lets you easily scroll through your checklist from top to bottom.
  • Files are now viewed and uploaded in a modal that appears over the top of the checklist, leaving the user within the context of the checklist.
  • When uploading related files you can now upload multiple files at once.
  • Checklist search/filter is improved such that when searching for a term across the checklist, matches are provided against all text fields.
Approvals functionality

Our new Approvals feature set enables you to use Transact on the largest syndicated finance transactions. The functionality allows you to set up an approval request and ensure each lender in the syndicate has approved final documentation before the loan deal closes.

It's an essential part of the administrative process and we're pleased to make it available as of 15 July 2019.

Functionality still to come

In the original interface it's possible to create comparisons between non-consecutive versions through the “Compare Versions” button. This will not be available in the new interface until later in the year.
Getting started guides

Our principal user documentation consists of five “Getting Started Guides” covering the different aspects of managing or joining a deal and setting up an approval request in Transact. These have now been fully updated for the new interface.

Additionally, we have also created a "Handover Guide" explaining the key differences between the original and new interfaces.

These guides will be stored in our new Transact Knowledge Base. To view the guides, please refer to your "Transact Crib Sheet" document. Alternatively, to request a copy please contact us at


We will be happy to provide training sessions on the new interface to technology teams, trainers, support teams and end users. Please contact us at transact@workshare.com to arrange.

We welcome your views and feedback on the new Transact. Please send your feedback to transact@workshare.com.




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