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Workshare 9.5 latest update

The latest update of Workshare 9.5 is update 4 (build 9.5.800.4210), which was released on 21 September 2018.

Note: The latest version of Workshare Professional is Workshare Professional 10. We encourage our customers to use Workshare Professional 10 whenever possible. 

What it includes

This is a maintenance release which fixes a number of issues.

Additonally, it includes new exclusion parameters to give users and admins greater control over which types of annotations are removed from PDF files:
  • Exclude markup annotations. When cleaning metadata from a PDF file, you've always been able to remove any markups in the file. (Markup is a tool used to make comments and annotations to PDF documents.) With 9.5.4, you can exclude specified types of annotations from the cleaning process.

More information

How to get it

Contact our Support team to get Workshare 9.5.4.

More information

Note: If you're unable to move to Workshare 9.5 or Workshare 10, you can get the latest update for Workshare 9 here




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